Purchase Receipt from Purchase Invoice

Hi ,

I have entered the Purchase Invoice without “Stock Update” .
Then I wan to have receive the items . Is it possible
I am getting only the below options .
Can anyone advise me the flow

Purchase Receipt can be created using that option from the Purchase Order, not the invoice.

Go back to your Purchase Order and click on Make, you should see an option to create a Purchase Receipt.

I do not have the Purchase Receipt option either on my purchase order. How can I get it and why don’t I have it? Any ideas?


You can make new purchase receipt and can also add stock for missing purchase receipt using stock entry with purpose material receipt

The question asked is valid, there should be an option to make Purchase Receipt from Purchase invoice. some conditions should be there like (no Purchase receipt against this PI and Update Stock is not Checked)

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Isn’t this normally required with you import material and want to expense it out before paying the supplier while the stocks has not arrived?

Purchase Invoice is usually mandatory in some countries to make payments for AML requirements

Also the goods would be shipped and would arrive in ship containers way after the invoice has been created.