Purchase Receipt Get item from Purchase Invoice Issue

When we create a new purchase receipt, there is a ( Get Item Form ) Button in it and there is 2 option purchase receipt or purchase invoice, we select the purchase order and the purchase order data come in the purchase receipt, but when we select purchase invoice its data item table in purchase receipt is not fetched, item’s total amount or total qty is there but item details are not there. I have attached the scrrenshot below for better understanding.

Only the item table data is not working properly this is issue face only in purchase invoice to purchase receipt.There are 2 or more methods of creating purchase receipt from purchase invoice in erpnext. Same issue is there, item table data is not show in the purchase receipt.

Thank You.

v15 or dev? @falah123

Because in v15, we tested in the latest version, everything is working fine.


Upgrade the version or migrate the site and check it because it worked properly in v15.

I updated the bench to the latest version by doing this command " bench update --reset " and also migrated the bench but there are still problem. I have the attached video in the bellow.


If any client script is applied to the purchase receipt, disable it or comment on it, because it’s worked fine in the latest version v15.

There is no any clinet script and server script for Purchase Invoice and Purchase Receipt.
It was working earlier but now this issue is coming since last week.

How did you post this video on the forum? I also want to post a video in a question.


    <source src="online_video_url" type="video/mp4">