Purchase Receipt + Invoice Issues

Hi there,
Our company wants to start using ERPNext but we are a bit stuck on a few issues with our Buying Side. Let me give you a summary of our company’s workflow:

  1. Our company Orders an X amount of Quantity of goods (Purchase Order), then receives it in multiple Purchase Receipts. We tend to have multiple Purchase Orders with a supplier at the same time.
  2. The number of Purchase Receipts per PO varies each time along with quantity of goods received per Purchase Receipts. So Tax and Charges needs to be calculated in each Purchase Receipt.
  3. At the end of the month, a Purchase Invoice is created based on the Purchase Receipts from the Supplier.

While ERPNext allows us to connect multiple Receipts to an Invoice, we run into a few issues:

  • The taxes and charges from the Receipts are not tallied up, they only show from the 1st receipt selected. While this is more of an inconvenience (Users will have to manually add it in themselves);
  • After adding them and submitting the Invoice, the chart of Accounts registers the tax and charges amount twice (I believe once from the Receipt and again from the Invoice)
  • If we tried to only connect the Receipts and not the taxes and charges, the invoice amount does not reflect the total of the receipt. The invoice amount will be the net total.

Is there any solution or workaround this issue? Any help would be great, thanks

We are currently not adding taxes to the Purchase Receipt, hence the ledger entries during the receipt are fine

After that we are doing a Get Items from Purchase Receipt to create the Purchase Invoice. It seems to work fine in such a case for us as we have the tax templates defaulted accordingly.

You can validate if the above work around works for you. We are on version 13.

Hi Pawan. Yes, your workflow works.

I guess moving forward, i just have to calculate all of the charges per receipt manually and when entering the Purchase Invoice, I tally them myself?

I am using version 15 but I have a site in version 14 and it also has this issue.


We do not calculate the taxes manually as we have tax templates set up which default accordingly on the Purchase Invoice. However, your business needs maybe different so the configuration has to be based on your scenario.

Yea, I will try using the tax template and see what my results are. Thanks for you help. I will let you know if I run into any more issues