Purchase Receipt Item qty and Amount to be updated as on received qty


So i’m looking to update total amount in Purchase receipt.
as of now “amount” is calculating based on accepted qty. i need to change it to received qty.
as well in total qty aslo same thing need to update total_qty=accepted_qty+Rejected_qty.

can i do this thing in custom script ?

First let me welcome you to the forum!! It is always a good sign to see new users joining the community.

As for the question of “accepted qty + rejected qty = total qty”

I have never been able to do that all in one step at you appear to be trying to do. I had always had to receive the entire quantity in ERPNext and then create a Stock Entry (Material Transfer type) to remove the rejected quantity to a warehouse we created called “Vendor Returns”

Then they would be shipped back to he vendor from this warehouse as a way to remove them from inventory.

I like the idea of having the rejected process built into the Purchase Receipt but at this time I do not know of any other way to handle it.

Hope this helps…


Hi bkm,

Thanks for the suggestion, but here we want to account purchase receipt matching with supplier invoice. and all the material entering into stock after inspection completed. so is any other way that we can change total qty calculation ? by taging received_qty=total_qty !