Purchase Receipt Product Bundle stock entries

Hello! I created a product bundle, containing all the items and quantities which compose it. I would like ERPNext to increase the individual item stock numbers when you enter a purchase receipt for the product bundle. So for example, a “Simple first aid kit” contains the following items: 1 Cabinet, 2 Vinyl gloves, 1 scissors 20 antiseptic wipes, 50 finger bandages. The product bundle named “simple first aid kit” has all these items listed. When I purchase the “Simple first aid kit”, upon receiving it at the warehouse, I would like for the purchase receipt to be made for “Simple first aid kit”, but when stock is being modified, it should increase the following items:
Cabinet +1
Vinyl gloves +2
Scissors +1
Antiseptic Wipes + 20
Finger Bandages + 50

It would also be great to have the option of “exploding” the purchase receipt to reflect further details, for example, you order “simple first aid kit” and for some reason, the Vinyl gloves are missing, You can then “explode” product bundle for whic ERPNext displays all items individually in the purchase receipt, and you can enter it as a zero value or delete the item from the receipt.


Github issue #8056



Thanks for the suggesting the feature. Seems a good to have feature.

Please create a github feature and perhaps a UI mock for the same will give more clarity.
Thanks for your cooperation.


Is this implemented on erpnext v14. In am trying to implement this but unable to explode the BOM on this version.
Has anyone tried this ?