Purchase Receipt & Purchase Invoice order

which one first Purchase Invoice or Purchase Receipt?, because i have to pay full amount to get my item delivered,


You can do both from Purchase Order. That is the ideal flow!

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Or to answer your question, you first do Purchase Receipt, then Purchase Invoice.
Purchase Receipt is you physically receiving the goods.
Purchase Invoice is you entering the supplier invoice into your system

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I was reading the documentation about how to generate a Purchase Receipt. Then I read it wasn’t recommended to do that directly:

A Purchase Receipt is usually created from a Purchase Order. In the Purchase Order, click on Create > Purchase Receipt.

To create a Purchase Receipt manually (not recommended), follow these steps:

Why isn’t it recommended?

Purchase receipt seems disabled, when I’m trying to create it from a purchase invoice .

How to enable it?

Because of transit time, we receive Purchase Invoice and sometimes have to pay it much before we receive goods. For us normal process is PI and ideally from there create PR. Would be great if could be allowed.

As RMehta himself mentioned above, Enter a Purchase Order first.
Purchase Order monitors the Purchase Receipt, and also the Purchase Invoice (Billing). Without Purchase Order, there is no link (I think). Instead of going straight to Purchase Invoice, enter a Purchase Order first, from there, you can create Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice. Then from Purchase Invoice, you can create Payments. That’s the workflow