Purchase Receipt : Recd, Accepted and Rejected Qty process

Hi, in Purchase Receipt, there is provision to mention Received, Accepted and Rejected Qty. But I found it bit confusing or not as per accounting system.
Accounts Book Say:

  1. Purchase Invoice need to enter as per Invoice raised by supplier.
  2. If there is any issue or rejection, then Debit note can be generate.

Current ERPNext System:

  1. Enter Complete Purchase Receipt (MRN) to hit accounting book.
  2. Raised Purchase Return, if Debit note require.

My Point:

  1. While doing Purchase Receipt, if we have field to mention Recd, Accepted or Rejected Qty. then we can mention Rejected qty while doing Purchase Receipt.
  2. Accounting book should effect as per Recd Qty.
  3. Debit Note can be processed as Rejected Qty.

Needs input from others.

Dear Sumit,

Can you please find out if as per the tax laws if its allowed to generate the MRN for accepted quantity only? Also, what happens in case the supplier promises to replace the rejected quantity in another shipment?


Dear Rushikesherp,

MRN always has to as per Invoice quantity or supplier delivery challan. I believe no law allow to have different document at supplier or customer end.
Here, in our case we handle this with two different way:

  1. hold the consignment till supplier send the replacement
  2. if debit note already been issue, then asked to raise another invoice.

Sumit Arora