Purchase Receipt Tax


When I am trying to create a Purchase Receipt with a few items and specifying the tax, I am not able to view the individual item tax in the Purchase Receipt Items. But, when I am clicking on the Show Tax break-up, it is giving an item-wise tax breakup. Would like to know from where is it picking up from? And, why am i not able to view the tax in item_tax_amount field in the Purchase Receipt? Is there anything that I am missing out? (I am trying to run a report on Purchase Receipt Items and that’s how I am finding out that the tax amount is not getting captured).

Please help



Not able to replicate

Which version you are using?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks a lot for responding. I am using the below version.

ERPNext: v7.1.5
Frappe Framework: v7.1.4

It used to calculate the Item tax earlier but now it is not calculating for me in the develop version. I also have a custom app, which does some calculations based on this item tax so maybe that could possibly be the cause for it, not sure. But, how come, it is showing the correct tax in Show tax break-up? From where is that picking up?