Purchase Receipt Validation: Need Opinion

We follow this purchase cycle:
Purchase Order → Purchase Receipt → Purchase Invoice

Purchase Receipt only validates against Purchase Order, but only for Qty of items
Purchase Invoice validates for Quantity and Value of items.

This creates a situation where a number of Purchase Receipts can be created at a higher rate, but Purchase Invoice cannot be created without modifying several documents.

I recommend that Purchase Receipts should also validated for value to avoid this situation.
Please share your thoughts!

I guess in the Buying Settings, enabling Maintain Same Rate validation will apply on Purchase Receipt as well?

Rate for raw material items like Steel vary frequently, we will have to keep modifying the Purchase Order to receive material at correct rate.
Whatever be the chosen behaviour, the same Stock Allowance/Over Limit should apply to all documents in the Purchase Cycle.

  • So if only Qty is to be validated as per Buying settings in Purchase Receipt, so should be the case in Purchase Invoice.
  • If Qty and Rate both are being validated in Purchase Invoice as per Limit Percent, the same should be done in Purchase Receipt.

It works for me with buying setting of maintaining the same rate in the entire purchase cycle.

See my comment with screencast in #13971