Purchase Receipting a Partial Delivery

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We are using Purchase Receipts to record ordered items delivered to our Goods In.

Sometimes deliveries are incomplete, in that some of the line items in the Purchase Order are not included in the delivery note.

When we create a Purchase Receipt for the partial delivery, we are unable to set Accepted Quantity to 0 (zero) for missing line items (unable to save Purchase Receipt)

I noticed in the Purchase Receipt docs that the items table has Received Quantity column (see screenshot after 8. Save & Submit)

I’m guessing this is the column we should in fact be updating to 0 rather than accepted quantity.

The docs don’t mention this received quantity column & I have no idea how to get this column into items table in the Purchase Receipt.

How can we acknowledge partial deliveries in a Purchase Receipt please?

It appears that this column is in the json

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NB this is not related to defective items - we can reject these items & accept the rest.

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Welcome to the forum!!

I have several v10 installs active and I cannot imagine the process has changed much.

If a line item is completely missing from the receipt manifest, then you simply put a check mark in the little box on the left of the line item and then click the “Delete” button that shows up at the bottom of the column.

If a line item is partially received, then you can change the amount column for that item to the amount received before saving the purchase receipt doc.

Then next time you come back to this PO to receive another partial or the remaining total items, the generated receipt will include the lines that were deleted previously since they were never received, and the remaining partials will have their correct remaining due amounts filled in as well.

The only thing to remember is that an amount can never be set to zero in a purchase receipt.

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Amazing! Thanks for the prompt response bkm - I’ll try that now…

That makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

@bkm Just to feedback that we followed your steps & we got what we wanted - thank you!

For those following behind us who may have a similar question:

  1. Created Purchase Receipt from Purchase Order
  2. Selected & deleted the line items which were not on the delivery note
  3. Saved & Submitted the Purchase Receipt
  4. Reopened Purchase Order List - % bar showed some green to represent the receipted items
  5. Reopened Purchase Order - receipted line items had the green spot, the other non-receipted were still orange.

One question though - the Purchase Order didn’t have a related Purchase Receipt (no link in the dashboard), but the Purchase Receipt for the receipted line items did have a reference to the Purchase Order - is this expected please?

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Hi Duncs

No, it is expected that the purchase receipt would show up in the dashboard of the purchase order it where it originated.

The only thing I can tell you is to click on your ID in the upper right corner and select “Reload” from the drop down list in order to refresh the display in the browser properly. It may show up after that.

Here is what I see in my example that I used to take the notes for the post reply. The Purchase Receipt is clearly indicated with a red dot meaning it is still incomplete. See screenshot:

Hope this helps.

If it does not show up in your version then there may be a problem with your version that I am unaware of. Remember that mine is a v10 system.


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Thanks @bkm - good to know our expectations were correct.

I tried reloading & asked someone else to take a look - still no link.

OK - we’ll see what behaviour we get with some other partially receipted orders before we escalate.

Thanks again bkm!


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Thank you, this is helpful