Purchase Return and Debit Note v13

Hi everyone!

I have this scenario…

April - purchase 10 different items encoded in 1 Purchase Invoice w/c was also properly received and paid.

May - we returned Item #4 because it did not fits the required size

Under the Purchase Receipt, i tried to create Purchase return and it automatically updates the all items in the table. so i deleted the other items and retained the item #4. However, as I click the submit button, the debit note for the whole 10 items are created as well. When I try to edit the details under debit note, I can’t edit it anymore. I have to cancel it together with the Purchase Return. How can I resolve this issue?

Try this:

Instead of going through Delivery Note or Purchase Receipt, make the return directly in the invoice and mark “Update Stock.” If memory serves, your delivery notes should stay intact but you will be able to generate a credit memo against the invoice and return the goods back (either to your warehouse in case of a sale, or to the supplier in case of a purchase).

Hi Ablishek,

Yeah it worked. I created debit memo directly in the invoice. Thanks for this. great help.

Issues resolved.

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