Purchase/Sales Invoice

While making entries for sales and purchases the ERP directly considers only Debtors and creditors. It does not take individual Suppliers and Buyers into the Charts of Accounts. Due to this the exact figures outstanding and receivable are not correctly reflected in Financial Statements.

Am I missing anything?


Set separate ledger on customer, supplier master under Accounting session

Thanks, Rohit

Create Separate Account for your customer and Supplier under Account Receivable and Account Payable .and Set that ledger under respective Supplier and Customer

  1. Go to "Chart of Account
  2. Application of Funds->Current Assets->Account Receivable
    3.click on ‘Account Receivable’ ->Add child
    4.create new
    5.After creating new ,open that Account and Select Account Type
    6.save it.

Then ,you can set that Ledger under respective supplier and Customer