Purchase & Sales return before Receipt and Delivery Note

My business works with this cycle:
Sales Orders > (optionally) Advance Payments > Purchase Order (like Customer Purchase Order but for multiple customers) > Purchase Invoice > Purchase Receipt > Delivery Note & Sales Invoice.

Sometimes supplier refuses to send me some items. It happens after I made a purchase but before I received goods. So I have no choice but notify customers and tell them I wouldn’t be able to delivery those items. They either agree to wait some time or partially get money back.
I know it’s not the best kind of business logic but currently there’s nothing to do with it.

I didn’t find a way to make Sales/Purchase Return before delivery. Is there a working way?

You can create a stand alone credit note or debit note. As you have not received/delivered the items, only financial entries required.

Thanks for quick answer!
How would I manage delivering items after? In SO items still would be present

Please check whether the option of “update items” is available in SO & PO. You can remove the unavailable items using that option. Else you have to manually close the SO & PO

Ok, I’ll check out this method and write you back. Thanks!