Purchase user encounters error when submitting

I created a fresh user, assigned him a password then give him the purchase user role. Saved.

Using erpnext v11.1.22
Frappe v11.1.23

I then created a purchase order filling out the mandatory field and went to submit. It gives me a permission error doctype. “user do not have doctype access via role permission”. But the order was able to submit which is really wierd.

Also cant create invoice but the option is there. Encounters error.

Also when creating receipt theres an error but the receipt is created

Is this a bug or do i need to select more role permission?

Can you share the screenshots of the said errors. Cannot conclusively say it’s a bug or not without seeing the traceback.

You can find the error in the JavaScript console. You can access the console using Ctrl + J on Chrome

Error when saving the order

Error when submitting the order

anyone know why this is happening

See also After Update to 11 "User do not have doctype access via role permission"

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