Purchasing Items in Minimum/Multiples

Currently, there is a feature to consider Minimum Buying Quantities when creating a Purchase Order.
When purchasing, there also are cases where you can only purchase in Multiples.
For example:
Item A: Minimum Order Quantity: 200, Order Multiples: 100.

How can we achieve this in ERPNExt when creating Purchase Orders?

You could do this using server script and some custom fields in your Item master.

Minimum Order Qty is already in Item Master.
For Order Multiples I will create a UOM for that multiple and make it the default Purchase UOM in the item master


I have created a custom field called “multiple_order_qty” on Item doctype.

I would like it to be factored in during Saving of Material Request since it already factors in the “min_order_qty” standard field.

Would you be able to guide me through a sample Server Script?

Thank you!