Pure Android App Development

Hello Team,

We decided to develop android app for erpnext. For that we also have proper android development team in our core team. We are just stuck because we don’t have python developers in our team. So, if anyone can help us with data fetching and storing in erpnext using android app and how to call all the libraries so that we can move on. And we will develop that android app 100% open source.

With some addition features like Geo location and offline data synchronization also.

Thank you.

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Hi @Atiqure,

Why not have your android app call the REST APIs, instead of trying to communicate directly with the backend? You can read/write using those, without needing to reference Python code.


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Recently, I have encountered some entities that balk at allowing REST API’s to be included in their systems. They point to some obscure security issues with forcing a ‘fixed’ user ID and password combination that never changes in order to make use of the API.

Have you ever heard anything about this? It has come up twice in the past few weeks in my client interviews.


You can just make the UserID and password expire periodically. No problem.

Balking at REST APIs is unjustified. The entire planet’s web relies on REST APIs. If they are hesitant, suggest they immediately cease and desist:

  • All online banking, automatic payments, direct deposit.
  • Buying anything from Amazon.com.
  • Watching movies on Netflix or Hulu.
  • Logging into Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or any other website.

Every single one of those things uses REST APIs.


I figured as much, but was surprised by the comment from 2 different places. Maybe there was an article somewhere that they both saw and were just looking for something to see if they could throw me off my game.

Thanks for the clarification.


They probably read some horror stories. But like everything else, you can take extra steps to harden security. Or weaken it.

You can write an API that is easily hackable by your average teenager who spends time on YouTube. Or you can write one that’s solid and safe (as much as anything is safe on the web, I guess)

But there’s nothing inherently flawed with REST APIs, compared to any other form of network communication.