Purging of BLOBs in Frappe, ERPNext and Bench repositories

Hi everyone,

We will be purging some of the unused BLOBs out of Frappe, ERPNext and Bench repositories, to make cloning faster. Right now it takes a lot of time to clone these repositories and many users don’t have high bandwidth internet connections.

We will be using BFG Repo Cleaner to perform this task.


  • Some of you might see a merge commit in your repository, even if there are no updates
  • Those who do a rebase should not face issues. However, developers are advised to do a fresh clone, as it might lead to unacceptable pull-requests.

ToDo for developers: Do a fresh clone of these repositories: frappe, erpnext and bench


GIthub stores the pull requests as hidden references and thus, we were not able to reduce the repository size because of the blobs linked to the closed pull requests. So for now we are abandoning this step and not purging the BLOBs. During the next major version, we will rename this repo and start a new repository.

Current Status: Not Purged