Hi there , i am new to erpnext . i’m trying to push biometric erpnext for ( poll for Bio-metric Attendance and push to ERPNext via API) . follow this tutorial

Step !: Install python3.7 and git
2. Do pip install requests
3.Clone pyzk library using git clone GitHub - karthikeyan5/pyzk: Unofficial library of zkteco fingerprint attendance machine
4. Clone this repository using git clone GitHub - frappe/biometric-attendance-sync-tool: A simple tool for syncing Biometric Attendance data with your ERPNext server
5. Setup local_config.py from local_config.py.template file
6. Run this script using python push_to_erpnext.py

i have already successfully done 4 steps but in step 5 , i need erpnext api key & api secrets .
but i am unable to findout these keys. plz help me to finding out these keys. !


Hi @aamunim

For every user you can generate an api-key and api-secret which together form a token.

api-key: identifies the user.
api-secret: validates the request.
Api-key and api-secret can be generated from the web interface, from the command line or by remote procedure call (RPC):

RPC: /api/method/frappe.core.doctype.user.user.generate_keys?user=“user_name”
Command: bench execute frappe.core.doctype.user.user.generate_keys --args [‘user_name’]
Web: User → Api Access → Generate Keys


  • You need to create a User account on ERPNext (or an existing user with appropriate permissions) for this purpose
  • Just scroll towards the bottom of the User form and you’ll find the section called ‘API Access’
  • Api key cannot be re-generated
  • Only users with system manager role can generate keys



Thanks for the steps. Can you let me know what is the brand and model of the biometric device you are using. Would like to test on ZK Teco machine as this is the easiest available brand in our area.

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would you tell me is it possible to Push biometric erpnext with this device

pyzk support most of the latest model of Biometric Machines

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If i may ask, where do you run steps 5 and 6? is it in your ERPNext instance? Next question tied to this is how do you configure a local device to a cloud-based instance? As is shown the screenshot above, the device IP is local and the instance is in the cloud, how do you then redirect the local traffic from the device to the cloud-based instance?

i have changed erpnext url to local later. but now face this problem in step 6
can uhelp me plz


@wale hope you don’t mind me tagging you. Any way you could point me to how to generate API key? I generated API secret successfully from the created user but when i try yo generate API key from terminal i get the API secret but no key.

UPDATE: API Key is only visible for logged-in user. Found it.


@flexy2ky, This short note which was recently added might help clarify your questions here… A Note on Biometric Integration in ERPNext · frappe/biometric-attendance-sync-tool Wiki · GitHub


anyone if can help me for biometric integration witherpnext

My process was interrupted and now the attendance won’t come. New records will be synced but the records that didn’t sync from the last run won’t get into erpnext now. Is there a configuration I can change and maybe delete and re-sync all?

We have created a solution, all you have to do is, provide:

  1. the machine details if you have the API or SDK, that will be great.
  2. ERPNext Instance i.e. subdomain or site.domain.com etc.; and
  3. credentials (user who can create employee checkins)

We will push the data without you having to update the firmware.

Is this available on github???

We are refining it to make this solution available on github


Hi @Majid_Ejaz are you using one machine or multiple at a time?

We are using multiple machines. You need to make sure the biometric ID is unique for each employee.

Machine 1 | Employee 1 | biometric ID 1
Machine 2 | Employee 1 | biometric ID 1

Thank you @Majid_Ejaz Final question. Is it on V11 or V12.

we implemented that on v12. but v11 is not a problem either.

@Majid_Ejaz any chance you could share your app?

its not an app yet. we are in a process of refining it.

which machine are you using? can you share the sdk please?