Putaway Rule in ERPNext

ERPNext offers Putaway Rule to define a set of instructions that tells the system where to store incoming items in your warehouse. It’s like a blueprint for organizing your inventory efficiently.

Imagine you’re running a business that deals with various products, like home decorations and furniture. With each shipment you receive, you need to decide where to store each item in your warehouse. This is where the putaway rule comes in handy. You can set rules for each combination of items and warehouses concerning warehouse priority and capacity.

To create a putaway rule in ERPNext, simply:

  1. Go to the Putaway Rule list in ERPNext.
  2. Click on new to create a new rule.
  3. Specify details like the company, item, and warehouse.
  4. Set the capacity. You can also set the capacity in a different UOM.
  5. Set the priority. 1 being the highest priority.
  6. Save the rule.

The Warehouse Capacity Summary Report lists warehouses with Putaway Rules, showing their capacities and current stock levels. Use the Edit Capacity button to adjust Putaway Rule capacities.