Putting additional salary on temporary hold

Is there any way someone can put an additional salary component that has duration on hold for some month before continue deducting it.

There was an instruction to deduct a particular deduction from a staff salary for a period: January to November 2021

We used the additional salary feature to effect the deduction

Then, in September, a letter came that we should put that deduction on hold for September, and continue deducting from October.

Knowing that additional salary is submitted document that can only be altered by cancelling and amending.

Should I cancel it for September and amend it to continue in October?
I have tried using the same component to create another additional salary that will be zero for September to enable me overwrite the existing one but the system is not allowing me to submit it.

Is there no way to put enable and disable feature on such document so that someone can use it to stop it temporary and start again when one desires?

@michelle please can you help me on this?

To compound the issue, if you try to cancel the additional salary, the system will want to cancel all associated Salary slips, it will ask to cancel all salary slips created with the additional salary as a component.

My solution to this situation was to use property setter to set the “allow on submit” option of the amount field to “1”.

This way I was able to adjust the salary amount without having to cancel the document.

Do you want to try this option?

Honestly, last month I have to cancel someone’s submitted August payslip in other to make adjustments on additional salary for September. They really need to do something about this things.

Yes I will like to try it, hopefully it solves this submitted document headache