Putting Charts or Stats on Public Website


I’m working on making the company website through ERPNext. And was wondering if there is a way I can share or place a chart that I used in any of the module dashboards to share with visitors.

Case Scenario: I have created a sustainability module that tracks energy, water, and waste generated from the factory. I was wondering if there is a way I can share percent of waste recycled (a chart already working inside desk/dashboard) but would be nice to share with visitors.

Other cases, not related to me but I’ve seen this done in other companies is share the amount of projects finished, tasks completed, cups of coffee drank :).

I feel if we can place charts from data inside the system on the outside it can make the company seem more transparent and honest with it’s visitors and drive up sales.

@ablishek I dont know if you can show the “Dashboard charts” from the doctype . but you can write easy charts using frappe charts or any other external library .
here is the frappe chart doctumentation
you still need to run a python code and call it in js to get the data .

Right, thanks for the tip. But the point is to try to access the data without writing python. Let me try to fiddle around maybe I can get it

Hi there,

There’s no need to run any Python. The frappe charts library is purely client side, so you could fetch the data with a normal Ajax/api call in JavaScript and remder the data directly from there.

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UPDATE. I tried Frappe Charts but as far as I understood, you can only apply after running NPM. Since I am using Frappe Cloud, I don’t have access to it. Let me see if there is some way to embed good sheets charts or from somewhere else. But I feel that embedding a chart may be the best solution.

Please check this. It has some good examples which could meet your needs.

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Thanks, I’ll look into this.