pymysql.err.DataError: (1265, "Data truncated for column 'expected_resistance__after_connecting_phase_leads_in_ohms_' at row 1")

I’m getting this error as I change my float precision value in parent doctype and try to save it

Can anybody help me out with this please?

try correct previous data which could be in different form

Previously I have created one doctype, in that doctype I have added a field with the type “data” and then later after few days I changed data field type to “float”
till then it was working fine.

I forgot to set the precision value so that by mistake I have changed the precision value for “float” in the main system settings.

Later I realised and changed back to the previous precision value in system settings and I tried setting precision value in doctype for float field type. so after setting precision value in doctype I am not able to save the doctype instead it give the error

hmmk I will try this

What I did is I have deleted the whole doctype and recreated it but still the same error occurs

Because if you delete a Doctype it won’t change the database. as per the framework it checks if table or column already exists then won’t create it. The only possible solution is this

I don’t have access to the database so
I got an idea if we change name for the default auto name for particular filed it will work.

yes it will