pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1052, "Column 'company' in where clause is ambiguous")

Dear All,

When i trying to rec supplier, Customers payment there is some pymysql error

do you have any idea how to resolve this error


It may help to say the version of ERPNext , if reconciliations were successful in the past, and if this started happening after a recent update.

Thank you for your reply, it was updated V 12 to V 13

Ambiguity happens because same field name exists in both tables on each side of an SQL join

make a correction on code.

add tabSales Invoice before “company” to avoid ambiguity as shown below.

def load_invoice_items(self):
conditions = “”
conditions += " and tabSales = %(company)s" #code corrected by erpgulf support team. Ambiguous column company
if self.filters.from_date:
conditions += " and posting_date >= %(from_date)s"
if self.filters.to_date:
conditions += " and posting_date <= %(to_date)s"

            if self.filters.item_group:
                    conditions += " and {0}".format(get_item_group_condition(self.filters.item_group))