pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, "Unknown column


Brand new ERPNExt V13 installation.

ERPNext: v13.11.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.11.0 (version-13)
Running on Ubuntu 20.4

No customization done.

I am just exploring and reporting things I see.

When I click:

I get this error:

There is no trace-back in the error-log on ERPnext.

I tried looking in logs on my server via SSh but could not find anything.

Is your company’s country set to United Arab Emirates?

Hi @rtdany10

thanks for your time

No its set up as South Africa. So the things that are set are the things that is asked during initial setup … country, time zone, currency, COA template …

The only other things that I have configured was stuff like finance-book , holiday-list,
letterhead … etc

The one thing that I have not done are any custom scripts. I specifically mention that
because I did find a post about a similar error but it turned out that the person had
customized a script.

UAE VAT Report is specific to United Arab Emirates(UAE). And hence the error.

Thanks @rtdany10

Seems like it.

Surely the exception could be handled more gracefully?

I am also trying to google the report to see if it is a report that is used by only someone that
is in UAE. If so then surely it can be hidden? Not sure if it should be possible for someone in
other countries to be able to submit such a report i.e. perhaps they did contract work in UAE?