pymysql.err.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table '_0ccc8fdc2f23844e.tabItem' doesn't exist")

I tried other possible ways but this problems is still exist. I don’t want to reinstall again it. If anyone kindly share the table script of tabItem.

Thanks In Advance.

It may help to say the version of ERPNext, hosting environment and if this error happened on first use or appeared after a customization or update.

Can you try bench mariadb, then show tables; , and see if tabItem is in the list?

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@smino I checked table name in database, tabItem table is not available and It is occurred on my first use. Can we get script for this table.
Thanks for you response.

If the site has not been used and you can start over, try: bench --site <sitename> --force reinstall This will wipe your database and replace it with a fresh one - any data that has been entered will be lost !

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Thanks @Suresh_Thakor.

Thanks @smino, I will try it.