Python 3+ - Frappe Installation


I am planning to install just the Frappe Framework. The github repository steps say that Python 2.7 is a pre-requisite. If i install Python 3+, will that be an issue for the framework installation. Thanks in advance.


Python 3 and Python 2 can be installed simultaneously.

Thanks for the reply. To re-phrase, can i just install Python 3+ and try to install the framework? Will that work? Thanks!

No. Python 2.x is a pre-requisite.

So I see there are issues in UBUNTU 16.04 and Python 3+. Is this framework actively worked upon to keep it current? Is there any planned release for these upgrades in the near future? Just curious. The framework itself impressed me very much and am evaluating to use it to develop an application. Thanks!

You won’t be able to install Frappe with Python3 - I would just use a virtualenv during installation.

virtualenv [name here] -p python2.7
source [name]/bin/activate

Then install.