Python FIle Of Custom Doctype Not Executed

Hello, I have created new custom doctype and i validated some fields from my JS file but i can’t validate those fields from my python file. Even i can’t print single message from my python file of doctype which i have created. Even i can’t call validate, on load definition from that python file So Please can you assist me how to execute python file of custom doctype and how to call validate and other custom definitions from that python file.


You cannot have python and js files for a Custom DocType. You should create an app for that and create a Standard DocType in that particular app.

Tutorial for creating a new app can be found here: Not Found



I have created standard doctype in hr module so please can you assist me how to implement that functionality i have asked before.

Thanks for your quick reply

Harsh Mehta

If you are using:

  1. production setup, you need to restart the processes using bench restart.
  2. dev setup, you need to stop and start the bench start command.


Hi anand,

Thanks for quick reply but we have solved it by another way. I Just unchecked " custom ? " checkbox from doctype and it’s work for me. Now my Python file was executable from server side and all validation and other definitions working for me.