QR code / Bar code for Asset tracking

Is there a way of tracking fixed assets within a company using Barcode / QR code which in turn can be scanned directly using the ERP Next app ? All docs seem to point to separate scanners for this purpose. What is the latest / best way to do this ?


You can scan a bar code with any scanner in any text field. So you either may have the field containing the assets ID or create one. If your cursur is in this field the barcode will be read. No need for any special software

Think my question was no obvious enough.
The point of the question is to provide personnel on the move an easy way of tracking assets (such as in a warehouse or factory) by scanning the barcode / qr code attached somewhere on the items, using a phone on which ERPNext mobile app is involved.
The solution suggested implies usage of a separate scanner and probably best suited for usage on a PC.
Is there a way to scan a barcode / qr code directly into the erpnext app on the phone, without needing additional hardware.

I have no idea

To achieve this mobile app should have barcode scanner functionality (just like separate scanner suited for PC). This is additional functionality that needs to integrate with any barcode scanner sdk. Using this SDK mobile camera will be used to scan the Barcode and QR-codes. Read code can be inserted in a specific text field of an inventory module.


Maybe there is a way to achieve that with existing hardware like phone.
There is some source code for that https://github.com/fttx/barcode-to-pc-app/


This can be achieved by customize a field in the doctype you want to add. This field will activate the mobile camera or notebook camera when cursor is move in. The camera will able to scan the barcode you intended to and eventually bring the vulue into the field.

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I know this is old but you could just export all the asset numbers, create QR codes to the URL of the page? Since you should really only be changing the ID number of the URL for each entry. Then just stick them on accordingly.

alternatively you could just make a single QR Code that takes them to a page to enter the asset number which diverts them to the needed page.