QR Code for Asset Tracking

Hi ,

I am buying material and it comes with QR code , How do i scan QR code into ERPNext and record Asset (Inventory) master record ?

Please advise

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A search like ‘barcode’ or ‘scanner’ will land you clues and pointers.

There’s this doc too https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/stock/articles/track-items-using-barcode

In addition to what John already mentioned: check your use case, what do you want to do? Do you receive material and want to add this to your material receipt automatically?

You will find it very easy to read QR codes and have their content entered as a text input. But, depending on the actual content, where to find your information largly varies. So, probably the biggest concern is from the data you get out of the QR, find what you are looking for and actually pass that to your form. I.e. you can use a custom script that displays an input field, scan your QR to this, then have the content broken into what you need and paste this to your form. The more specific your use case is, the more specific the replies :wink: