QR code in Print Template?

We use Print Templates to print out information with equipment we ship. Part of the documentation is a pretty long URL. I’d also like show the URL as a QR code to simplify things.

We use the hosted version. Is there a way to read my field and show it as a QR code on the template for printing?

IE — {{ doc.url }} — becomes QRcode(doc.url) — somehow?

I found an easy solution for this issue
there is a barcode website that returns the QR code of the passed data

You can use this URL for example to print the QR code of Test word


So in your case, you can use this in HTML code

<img src="https://barcode.tec-it.com/barcode.ashx?data={{ doc.url }}&code=QRCode" >

P.S. you can visit barcode.tec-it.com website and select the suitable code for you


This is awesome and perfect. It’s exactly what I needed and worked flawlessly. Thank you! :smiley: