QR Scanner for POST requests


being new to ERPnext im exploring ways to generate value for our production.
To reorder Material on the shopfloor, I am looking into a way to easyly generate material requests.

My Idea at the moment is to have an app, that combines parameters from an QR-Code, with JSON-Parameters, that can be configured. In my case, I would have the item_id, qty etc. on my reorder kanban card.

Is there something similar already?
What are your favourite ways to interact with the system without using a computer?
That way it would be very open to all kind requests. Are any react native here, that want to join?

I love to hear you comments.


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@JanMrlth This is genius! I have only just started using the API integration to send JSON requests. I can imagine this might be really useful for stock entry. I’ll bring this idea to my team. We’re working on developing in Angular and .NET Core, and I’d love to see what your team is coming up with!

I have a developer build the first Prototyp next week as a react native app for Android.

I will share the github-link as soon as code is written.


For the next two weeks you can download a preview here:

For a Material Request enter your
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Token: yyyyyyyyyy:xxxxxxxxxxx
{“data”: {“items”: [{ “item_code”: “STO-ITEM-2020-00001”, “schedule_date”: “2020-12-10”, “qty”: 12 }] }}

Then your QR-Code might look like this: {“data”: {“item_code”: “STO-ITEM-2020-00002”, “qty” : 1}}

For all the keys found in the template the values get replaced.

The code for the apk can be found in the master-branch.

The MVP is finished and can be tested/used. Instructions in the README.

I love to hear your feedback.



hello @JanMrlth! you did a great job! As I am not a programmer is there a chance we can ask for your consultancy (we are willing to pay for it of course) in order to be able to use your app? Thank you!