Qty not updating in purchase order on changing UOM


Step 1: When preparing a purchase order, it takes the Unit as default Unit.

Step2: On going to full form (the modal that opens), and i change the UOM, enter the appropriate conversion rate, the units to be purchased are not updated.

Eg in step 1 i entered 100 Nos
in Step 2, i entered conversion rate as 10 and UOM as BOX, the Quantity still remains 100.

Expected behavior is: the quantity should updated to 10 after entering conversion rate.

PS: i have already added BOX as UOM in item.

ERPNext: v7.0.33
Frappe Framework: v7.0.29

Experts is this a bug?



before you make a purchase order,
are you setting “Unit of Measure Conversion” at that item?

if you don’t setting that,
go to “item list”, choice the item, and at “Purchase Details” tab you can setting “Unit of Measure Conversion” – save

Hi komsel

yes i have already set Unit of measure conversion

I am also experiencing this issue. I have an item that is kept per unit in stock. But is purchased as boxes of 50 units. I have placed the item’s purchased unit of measure table. Indicated the Unit as 1 conversion factor and Box as 50 conversion factor. This in theory is supposed to convert 1 Box as 50 Units.

When I create a purchase order and add the item, it defaults to loading the default item’s UOM which is Unit. So it comes out as quantity 1 x price list rate. I click the arrow in the right side of the item row to edit the item details. Under “Quantity and Rate” it indicates Quanity 1, Stock UOM as Unit, UOM as Unit, then UOM Conversion Factor 1. I then proceed to change the UOM as Box. UOM Conversion Factor automatically changes to 50. So in theory this should now be quantity 1 x 50 = quantity 50.

Looking below, the field “Qty as per Stock UOM” now indicates 50 which is correct. Yet the price isn’t multiplied. Then when I return to the main PO form, it indicates as Quantity 1 with the price of 1 unit and not the price of 1 box (50 x unit price).

Am I supposed to keep the supplier’s price list at the rate of the Box (unit rate x 50)? Coz this may be prone to mistakes as the item defaults on the item’s stock UOM which is Unit.

Is there a way to default the item to be only purchasable as a Box yet when stock arrives it’s kept as individual Units?