Quality checks between two warehouse

how i can give quality check between two warehouses??

Store House 1
Store House 2

Material will shift from Store hose 1 to 2.

do you have checked the inspection Criteria Section in the item master?


without knowing whether is is or is not possible to get a QA procedure in between a move from Store House 1 > Store House 2 it at least implies that it may only be possible to add-in an inspection procedure “before Purchase” & “before delivery”, so there would not be any option out of the box to do what you want to do just by looking at these settings.

There’s an option in Stock Entry to add Quality Inspection:

Checking this will make adding an inspection to the item mandatory to submit:

Perhaps this can be used to solve most of your issues regarding Quality Inspection at various stages.

Hi Kenneth, let me ask you a different situation:

I have to do a quality inspection for some items that are directly related to my final product. So, I have to test it (for example, a Na-Cl reagent).

If I check Inspection Required before Purchase, I will not be able to Receive the item, to, after that, perform my quality inspection.

How can I Receive items and perform the Quality Inspection after receive them?

It is possible to change the status to quarantine?