Quality Inspection and Purchase Invoice / Sales Invoice

I am new to Erpnext . I am really mesmerized by the detailing and fullness of the software. I am having trouble setting up Quality Inspection
The Procedures we follow at our plant are as under :

  1. For Procurement : 1) Material arrives at our plant
    2) Purchase Invoice entered in book of account.
    3) Testing / Inspection done (takes 3-7 days)
    4) If Approved - OK -Can be issued for further processing
    5) If Rejected - Either returned to seller with rejection note and debit note
    Or Moved to other godown for further processing

  2. For Selling : 1) Material is manufactured , Invoiced and delivered
    2) Testing / Inspection done (takes 3-7 days)
    3) Test Reports are maintained for every batch that is manufactured

Please Help me implement Quality Inspection .Thanks in advance :slight_smile: