Quality inspection can not cancel/delete

Hi… I can not cancel/Delete Quality Inspection which was created some 6 months ago, now our system is showing some wrong reports and it’s still lying as draft, when i cancel it this error comes:

even if i remove Prec (purchase receipt) it shows same error…

check the screen shot>

Have you been delete Purchase Receipt-00616? it showing it is linked with PR.
On which version you are facing this glitch?

Purchase receipt is ‘completed’, but somebody created Quality inspection long time ago and now we are unable to cancel.

Hi @Mosam26! Linked PR needs to be canceled first before you can cancel the inspection.

yes we know that, but since it shows in draft from long time, please suggest how to remove it or cancel it.

Hi @Mosam26 ,
If possible you can delete it from backend(throgh database).

The inspection from your screenshot is already submitted @Mosam26 . I am afraid the only solution is cancelling you PR then cancelling your Inspection to remove linkage. You can then amend and submit the PR again if inspection is not anymore required.