Quality Inspection Disabling

Hi ,

I have disabled the Quality Inspection feature from the Feature Setup , but still asking for Inspection when submitting the purchase receipt.

Hi @Ashish_Dhingra
It seems like you have removed the Feature whereas still the items are having the parameter value as Yes in Item Master.

You need to un-check the “Inspection Required” checkbox against each item if you really want to bypass the Inspection. If you do so, then system will not ask to do the Inspection of the item at the time of Purchase Receipt. However by disabling feature you will only not be able to see the feature.

Ruchin Sharma


Dear Sir ,

This Tab is Missing from the Item master.

1.Now,you check(tick) “Quality” first.
2.then go to Item Master->Inspection Criteria
3. Uncheck that Inspection.
then again go to Feature Setup to uncheck “Quality”.

then it will work.

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