Quality inspection issue

Hi all,

We have many items that have to be inspected before they can be received to our warehouse. So here is our workflow:

  1. Item is delivered to our warehouse.
  2. A worker inspects the item and creates Quality Inspection for that item.
  3. A worker (not the same as a worker in 2.) creates Purchase receipt and chooses Quality Inspection for that item.

Now the problem is that it is possible to receive the same item multiple times with just one Quality Inspection. Is there a solution for that?

Anything is possible. But in your case, you will have to reverse the logic that ERPNext already has. Ideally, Quality Inspection is done after the material is received. Hence, Quality Inspection document refers to Purchase Receipt document. In your case, you won’t have any purchase receipt created when you do quality inspection. You might want to see if you can change the process to create purchase receipt first, and then create quality inspection.

Having said that, what you can do is to customize Purchase receipt Items form to refer quality inspection document that was created when you received the item. It will address what you need, but it is not recommended.


Q1 = Quality Inspection 1
Q2 = Quality Inspection 2

@kirthi is correct, if you receipt goods first, you can have an initial inspection report done and then another. This can easily be linked using a couple of Custom Fields.

The alternative is to use workflows to achieve this… So Receive material, Q1 >> Q2 then move to raw materials? Unfortunately, I have not go to workflows yet to advise how this is done. The manual gives an example and there are a few youtube videos to help.

Workflows will give Q2 a list of jobs to complete.

Hope it helps.

Hi Kirthi and Abbas,

thank you for the help, I understand it now.

Best regards!