Quality Inspection on Production Orders

How do I do a quality inspection on Production Orders? I’ve googled and noticed some references to it on github but that functionality doesn’t seem to be there. Do I need to turn it on? Has it been removed?

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Quality inspection is for material receipt or delivery. Refer the link here

edit: Quality Inspection

@Pawan please refer here: Quality Inspection [redesign] · Issue #2273 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

it is definitely a coded feature.

Great, you can explore and update the documentation then.

the problem is that it’s not there. That’s where the confusion is. It’s a coded feature but I don’t see it. Thus my original question.

Same problem here. Did you find the solution?

Any solution??

I hope this is now clear to use In Process quality inspection. Any difficulties you faced with using it lately?

The above changes in the core would allow the process to require Quality Inspection only to Manufacture Stock Entry and not the 1st one of transferring the goods to manufacture.

It could be a setting at the BOM level as well to make it soft-coded.


hi i did the change in core but its not changing . getting inspection required for material transfer. thank you

Edit : The above code works, may get indentation error on changing the code on restarting the bench.
web search the error and you will get the solution.