Quality Inspection Submit Validation is missing while completing DN or PR

Quality Inspection (‘QI’) criteria at item level for ‘Inspection Required before Delivery’ is setup. Similar also for PR. On creation of Delivery Note (“DN”), it requires me to put QI report. From the Item table inside DN, I click 'more arrow" and go to ‘Warehouse and Reference’ section. Under this on “Quality Inspection” field, I click on ‘Create new Quality Inspection’

The new window of Creation Quality Inspection is opened, I fill in all the required details & click 'Save". Quality Inspection windows are closed without requiring a Submit of QI report.

Further, If I copy & paste any random QI into the Line Item ‘Quality Inspection’ field, it accepts it on Save and further allows DN or PR to be Submitted. The validation of the QI report being of the Same Item code seems to be missing.

Refer Screenshots & additional details here: Quality Inspection Submit stage validation is missing. DN/PR is allowed to be in Submit stage with QI in Draft · Issue #16250 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Anyone else also facing similar issue?

I wonder if this is also a bug … The DN was approved but the QI was not approved at lease one of the parameters…
The acceptance is Good and Correct while the Reading was Good and OK (not same as Correct) and the Status for the first was Accepted while the second was Rejected and still the DN approved.

Also noticed that when creating the DN … when trying to save it says need QI for item … and when i open the Item to create the new QI i have no DN saved yet to link with!!! how can this be fixed?

I guess exactly same issue as i posted in the GitHub Issue on my link above.

What is First and Second here you referring? If you talking about columns of 1st, 2nd, 3rd reading of the parameters inside the QI doc then, its is actually a judgment call of the Quality person to finally approve the QI document or not. If he approves it, then he may choose to ‘Submit’ it, else close it.

The issue we have in the present scenario is without completion of the dependent process (i.e. approved QI), the main process moves forward.

I do not completely understand this, maybe you could post screenshots to help me understand this better. gif file would be better if you could do that (use LICECap tool)

My concern is that if the Quality Person did not approve one of the parameters… lets say that the first parameter is OK and approved while the second one is not and Rejected… I think that by having a Rejected parameter the whole QI should not be approved.

For the second issue let it be as i was not paying attention to the DN name…

My friend it’s dependent on company policy and QI guidelines. So, it’s case to case basis could be different for different organizations. It could also be different QI pass standard for different products.

The way you say 'I think it should not allow submitting QI doc if one parameter fails, that’s your policy.

Hence, it is the QI person finally making the submission should take care of these policy differences. From the system point of view, it should allow flexibility of covering all the scenarios.