Quality Management - Non-conformance

I work in Manufacturing and wanted a Quality management solution to deal with Non-conformances/deviations. Can I do this in ERPnext? I am new to this and felt the whole platform is pretty neat; but just couldn’t find what I was looking for.
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

You can check the following link, you may find it useful

Some possible ideas:

  1. Create or have created an ERPNext app specific to such functionality. Optimum for your specific problem today but not flexible for daily users to change themselves. See 2. and 3. for more general but more easily changed solutions.

  2. Use an (open source?) bug tracker such as https://www.mantisbt.org/ which our company used to serve as a non-conformance processing tool. Each “bug” (non-conformance) has a unique link that you can reference within ERPNext. I can provide many more details on such a solution if this is of interest.

  3. If ERPNext ever adds wiki functionality, you could use the wiki as a bit of kludge. Non-conformances could be entered in a table on a specific wiki page or each non-conformance could get a new wiki page. You would know who did what as the wiki would track changes by date and user. Example: User 1 enters a non-conformance, User 2 enters the root cause, and corrective action. User 3 enters the preventive action, and User 4 reviews / verifies / closes the non-conformance.

@pauljmad, to manage Product Quality, like Non Conformances Levels, in Production or at customer side, like Warrantly Claims, ERPNext can handle it, using Quality Inspection, and Purchase Receipt with Rejected Amounts (Supply Quality Inspection)

By default ERPNext does not have a Quality Modulo, with PPM or Pareto Reports, it’s something that you need customize, but ERPNext can handle all information that you need from your process.

In other way, instead of use a Wiki you can use issues, if issues is not enought, you can use 8D Quality Report GitHub - Athenolabs/Quality: ERPNext Quality Management Module, it’s not fully completed but can handle all major cases of 8D.