Quantity-based Pricing Rule for % discount, what am I doing wrong?


I’m struggling to figure out how to set up pricing rules for different ranges of quantity. I must be doing something wrong, because when creating a quotation/invoice to test it, the price is not updating properly.

Multiple “tiers” of quantity-based wholesale discount % on an item in the order:
1-2pcs = 25% discount
3-9pcs = 30.5% discount
10-15pcs = 33% discount
16-29pcs = 35.5% discount
30-49pcs = 38% discount
50+pcs = 40.5% discount

… all of these discount % are calculated from a Retail Price List, which I have created.

When creating a sample quotation to test the Pricing Rule, when I first enter a SKU on the quotation, it pulls the “Retail” price (eg: $399), not the 25% discount price it should be pulling for 1-2pcs.
Then, when changing the QTY to 2pcs, it does update to the correct 25% discount for 1-2pcs ($299.25).
Next, if I change the QTY to 2pcs, it goes back to “Retail” price ($399).
If changed to 5pcs, which should be 30.5% discount, it goes back to the “Retail” price of $399

I must be doing something wrong. Please see this screenshot of my Pricing Rule configuration. I read the documentation, but it’s not clear what each field does. What am I missing?

Thank you for any help!

configuration of 1-2pc pricing rule

(apologies, it only lets me post one image as a new user in a new thread…here’s how the 2nd tier of pricing rule is setup!)

configuration of 3-9pc pricing rule

Well, for anyone else reading and looking for an answer to the same thing - I gave it some more time going through the documentation, trying every which way with my ERPNext instance and reading forum posts. Eventually gave up.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that it isn’t possible to have multiple quantity-based price tiers (or “discount formulas” in “Odoo ERP speak”) with ERPNext, as of this writing.