Quantity Discounts

We have quantity discounts per item. But they are the same across every item.
So for example we offer
10% discount when a customer purchase 50 or more
15 % for over 80
20% for over 100

But this needs to be per line.
So if they purchase 100 ITEM A they get the 20% discount but just for that product
If they purchase another 10 of another item there should be no discount for that product

I can see the price rules, but that seems to be linked to the total number of products in the order. So in the example above they would get 20% discount on the 10 off

Any ideas?

Sorry, ignore this. It now seems to be working :slight_smile:

can you explain how it worked in the end? Would be interesting to find a solution for everybody who might have the same question in your thread (especially as you are ‘promoting’ it as SOLVED)

Sure, no problems

Well simply I tried it again and it worked. I did not do anything. But on further investigation there could be a small programming error

I think what happened was that when creating the quote / order we add a quantity and the discount is applied. If you then manually change the quantity the discount is not recalculated.

So, 1 item added to the cart - no disocunt

Quantity changed to 100 and the 20% discount is applied

Quantity changed to 10 and the discount is not removed

So as long as I know this we can always double check

@Ron_Taylor thanks. As you suspect this being a bug … have considered reporting it as an issue on github?

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