Queries on Vendors

Pasting this conversation on the forum so that others can also use it. Below is the response from Umair on my queries on managing vendors.


Few more queries on the same topics inline from my end. 


Hello Vikram,

Hope you are well. Please find my response below to your queries.

1. I am trying to capture details of other vendors in the supply chain
other than supplier and customer. I would like to add details on say -
transporter / Shipping agent, machinery manufacturer, consultants,
subcontractor. Where & how can I add these details?

You can directly add these masters in Address or Contact master.

<<VIkram>> I checked that out. The problem is it gets classified as a customer or supplier. So am forced to classify these vendors (like a shipping agent), consultant etc as either of these two. Any other solution you could think of other than customizing this form to add these vendor types?

2. Where and how can I blacklist a vendor (customer / supplier/ others)?

No option to blacklist Customer / Supplier for now. If customer has exceeded the specified credit limit, then system will stop you from making Sales Invoices for that customer.

As a work around, you can rename the customer / Supplier and add a specific keyword in it, so that user won’t select it in transactions.
<<Vikram>> Could you look at taking this up as requirement sometime as blacklisting could be done either on quality grounds also and not necessarily non-payment. Similarly this could be applicable for both customer and supplier. 

3. Where can I capture back details of these vendors? Doesn’t come in both the supplier & customer screens?

Check Linked With option available in the Customer and Supplier master. For more details, you can make report on transactions (Sales Order, Purchase Order and Invoices). Also, check for Sales and Purchase Analytics.
<<Vikram>> Apologies for the typo. Was referring to the ‘Bank’ details and not ‘back details’. I would like to keep track of the bank details of the customer / supplier. 

4. How can I get history/ details of items associated with a customer /

Again, you can make report on transactions to see which Customer / Supplier is dealing for which all items.

Also do let me know if I should be posting these on the forum or sending
such mails is better?

Forums will be better :slight_smile: You are welcome here as well.

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