Query about Integration of Erpnext with different shopping sites

Is there any way we can sale our product(item) in different shopping sites like Ebay , Amazon, or we can list our “item” to these sites through erpnext

Not out of the box.

Hello, @arpitjain06, @rmehta!

I’m working in a solution for this! This solution is hosted in my github GitHub - MaxMorais/programmer: ERPNext for Programmers

Because a lot of misunderstands around oAuth, the APP Token was renamed for API and have a new design, how you can see here.
Currently I’m facing some issues, but I belive that I’ll get more progress soon!

In the image you can see my work to get it integrated with Instagram, but at same time I’m working in the integration with 75 others API’s.

Soon, I’ll publish the status of the integration, and how you can configure your own integration using this APP.


Thanks max_morais_dmm for your reply , I am looking forword