Query about journal entry report

hie all,
i have query about journal entry report.
i have create Query report.
my report is below.

but we want the all details in single line like
ID Date Type of Voucher Total Amount Exp 1 Exp 2 Exp 3
JV-01 13/01/2018 Journal Entry 1000 200 500 300

but in my created report it show dubble entry as per against account. is it possible to fetch all the expense amount in single line…?

Why you need to do this!
you have here two transactions for each, debit and credit and each one has separate account name!

i Just want all details in single line with different acocunt name… but existing report its shows two entry for differnt ccount name…it is possible ?

Hi. Newbie here. I just want to ask. How did you fetch the debit data. It is from the child table right? I don’t know how to fetch and use the child data in creating script reports. Could you help me with this? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks