Query for List View

Few more queries…

Can we have product image displayed in List View?

Is it possible to activate “Calendar View” for list of Opportunity, PO, etc (Where presently it is not available)?

Can we have Filters in Calendar View (for eg. If we want to filter tasks by Assigned To field in calendar veiw)?

Yes, there are limitation to size of the row and image.

doctype_calendar.js file is added for calendar view and filters, refer:

Thank you very much for quick action.

Please advise, how can we display product image in Item List View?

We would like to have task calendar filtered by “Assigned To” field also.

In Sales Order Filters by “Delivery Status”, once a value is selected, there is no option to deselect it (ie if we need to go back to “null” selection, there is no option.

Kindly suggest.

  1. Go to Customize Form > Enter form type Item
  2. Select In List View of image_view field. (remove In List View of some other field)
    Images shown will be tiny

To customize Sales Order Calendar View you need to modify the sales_order_calendar.js
“options”: “\nNot Delivered\nFully Delivered\nPartly Delivered\nClosed\nNot Applicable”, the \n at the beginning of options will add a null option

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I tried doing this. It’s working. But, could not find “status” or “ID” field to remove (are they default fields?). Secondly, please advise whether the product image can be displayed in columnar report also (I tried but could not do so).

From where can I access sales_order_calendar.js"options"?

list view of item:

I don’t know how to modify the list view to show larger thumbnail sized images.

By removing in list view of Item Group and adding in list view of Image I get:

tiny thumbnail.

sales_order_calendar.js is a file located at

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