Query report, Date filter with default value, how to do it?

Hey y’all! I’m trying to build a Query report, with Date filter, but it doesn’t work, here is my SQL:

SELECT ir.nome_completo as "Nome",
       ir.dt_nascimento as "Data",
       "Irmão" as "Tipo"
FROM `tabIrmao` as ir
WHERE ir.dt_nascimento BETWEEN %(dt_inicial)s AND %(dt_final)s

I created 2 filters on the report, and the javascript, and show this:

Here is my javascript:

frappe.query_reports["Aniversariantes"] = {
    "filters": [
            "label": __("Data Inicial"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",
            "label": __("Data Final"),
            "fieldtype": "Date",

But is not filtering… what I’m doing wrong?