Query Report Not displaying data

I am trying to create a query report with the following query

tabGL Entry.posting_date
,tabDynamic Link.parent

tabGL Entry
,tabDynamic Link
tabDynamic Link.link_name = tabGL Entry.party and
tabAddress.name = tabDynamic Link.parent and
tabDynamic Link.link_doctype = “Supplier”

This works fine on the mysql console, but it displayes as the picture below when I run the report from ERPNext

I appreciate any feedback on why it wouldn’t display columns from multiple tables, even though the query does fetch the required records

Can you see any error in the web console?

Can you check this out?


Ps: Return the data object as a list of list (no a list of dict)

Hi, thank you for your reply, but I’m not doing this as a script (Py) report, this is a query report in report writer tool.

Hello @zbisho,

Can you share a screen shot of your real query?

I tested out and seems to be working fine…

I changed the query to include column formatting, using the AS clause, and that seemed to have fixed it for now…

Thanks a million for your help and interest.