Query Report not working when filtering criteria is added

I am creating a query report and it works perfectly when there are no filtering criteria, when a filtering criterion is added and report is run, nothing is displayed in the screen. It just shows an empty white screen and no error is shown on both screen and the development console.

Could someone please help me fixing this issue?

Report name is “Sales Invoice Payment List”

Following is my simple query
select * from `tabSales Invoice Payment` where creation <= %(creation)s

Added filtering criteria by creating a “sales_invoice_payment_list.js” file under the same folder where this report’s JSON definition is (“sales_invoice_payment_list.json”) and added the following code.

frappe.query_reports["Sales Invoice Payment List"] = {
    "filters": [
			"label": __("Date"),
			"fieldtype": "Date",
			"width": "80",
			"reqd": 1,
			"default": frappe.datetime.get_today(),