Query update not work

Hello, need help with my sites,
currently i have 2 apps installed on my sites main apps and payment apps.

i want to update some data but it doesn’t work, this is my newly created query

                UPDATE `tabOrders` SET status = 'Paid',  order_paid = '{paidDate}'
                WHERE order_id ='abcd'

i also try

orderOld = frappe.get_doc('Orders', {'order_id': 'abcd'})
orderOld.status = 'Paid'
orderOld.order_paid = datetime.now()
orderOld.save(ignore_permissions = True)

when i check to database, the data didnt change,
but the same query that i created earlier is working fine, only new created query that doesnt work

then i add frappe.db.commit() it only work once, and later on not work again,